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Aligning with Abundance

Aligning with Abundance

How do we consciously bring ourselves into alignment with the financial abundance we seek?  Abundance comes in many forms, one way it is expressed is through financial freedom – the freedom to do, have and go where your heart desires.  Alignment is getting to a certain feeling, to a space where your thoughts are a match for that experience.

Here are four steps to help you get there:

1.  Envision your desire – this creates the space to make it possible.

2.  Commit to your plan – be dedicated to your dream

3.  Set goals and work the plan

4.  Self assess examine your thoughts and feelings and realign them with your goals

The first step is to align yourself spiritually to attract the financial well being you desire.   Capture the feeling of excitement, satisfaction or contentment of fulfilling your desire.  Literally feel that you are vibing higher as you align with your goal.  In that space, you are open to any possibility and can attract things to yourself purposefully rather than by default – you become the writer of your script of life, rather than just acting out the part.  In that frame of mind, sit down to write your plan.   This is one method of infusing harmony into the pursuit of your goals.

Attempting to get there from lack will never get you what you say you desire.  Statements such as “I hate not having money.” keep your focus on not having money.  What you pay attention to is what you draw into your life.    You could restate that to say, “I have had money challenges in the past; I’m now open to receiving abundance.”  Check to see that your feelings and expressions are in harmony with your desire!  If you are feeling negative emotions, such as lack, then you are not in alignment.  It’s as simple as that.  So in each moment watch for the negative feelings, and consciously shift your thoughts back to that original feeling of satisfaction/contentment or whatever feelings financial freedom generates for you.

Now in that same energy of unlimited possibility, build your plan.  It has to be created in Love, making it a fun and playful exercise helps.  If you dread dealing with money, remember drudgery breeds drudgery, and fearful thoughts generate fearful actions and fearful results. Change your thoughts about money, and you change the way it appears in your life.

Next, commit to your plan:  set time aside each day to do something related to your goal. Be passionate about your activities, this keeps the vibrational energy of creation flowing to you.  You can fake it, until you make it.  The mind and body only know what its five senses tell it, and react accordingly.  Tell us how you work your plan.  Blog about it here.

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