Helping others infuse harmony into their every day living.

About Fluid Magazine

About Fluid Magazine

Dec 14, 2014

About Fluid Magazine

Fluid Magazine, a Sisters in Spirit (SIS) publication, empowers women globally to connect and ally to build a more harmonious life for themselves and their families. As women, we can inspire each other to achieve that intangible “more” we are seeking in life.

As an international forum for women, our focus is to help infuse women’s lives with sisterly inspiration. Fluid creates a space for honoring the “interconnectedness” of our individual existence; out of that space, enhanced awareness and balance can emerge. We encourage the relating of ideas and cultural stories, highlighting the shared interest that we as women have, while diminishing perceived differences.

Mental, Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Well Being
Each section of Fluid Magazine reflects each aspect of our multi-faceted lives:

Life Styling—extending every-day grace to home, work, and play;
Healing Energy—guidance to obtain and maintain spiritual balance;
Our Sister Selves—celebrating our diverse backgrounds and cultures;
The Green Scene—attuning to the environment;
Our Space—sharing what’s on our minds.

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We are interested in addressing what’s on your mind: your dreams and aspirations, as well as the perceived barriers and frustrations. Feel free to share your comments on our blog: {name}, Contact us to send your feedback, or visit the member community to become a member.

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Women keep economies running! If you’re interested in advertising to this wonderfully diverse group of women, see our media kit.

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We love to tell sister stories. For information on how to have your article reviewed for publication, go to article submission.

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Are you an editor or writer interested in interning at Fluid Magazine? Please Contact Us for an opportunity to work with our virtual team.

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  1. I would love to write an article or two :) for this e-zine about how women can be more empowered in landing the perfect position or J-O-B.

    • Chandra, we’d love to have you contribute to Fluid Mag. We’ll send you the article guidelines.

      Love & Light, SIS

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