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10 Simple Go-Green Tips

10 Simple Go-Green Tips
In case you didn’t get these before, here they go again:
1. Start recycling – What’s that? You already recycle? Awesome! Now it’s time for you to step it up a notch. Start by looking for new things to recycle, more and more products are placing recycle symbols on their packaging, so check out everything to see if it is able to be recycled. Check with your garbage pick up or transfer station to get their most up to date list of what they will accept.
 2. Cut down on gasoline use – I know, I know, you have a million errands to run, have to get to work, pick up groceries, get the kids to soccer practice, the list goes on and on. So how do we cut our gasoline use? Walk, bike, run, if you must drive, try combining errands into as few trips as possible and visit areas that have the shops you need to visit all in a close proximity.  
3. Cut your water use – If you’re in a rural area and on a well, it probably won’t save you much money, but those on supplied water systems could save a bundle. Items like low flow shower heads, dual flush toilets (they make modification kits if you don’t already have a dual flush) and being more cognizant of your use will help cut back. For instance, if you’re shaving, try filling the sink with water rather than leaving the water running non-stop, this could save gallons of water at a clip and lessen the amount you need to heat up.
4. Change out your bulbs – Tisk tisk, you’re still running those incandescent light bulbs… Did you know a mere 20% of the energy produced off a bulb actually creates light? The rest is just wasted in heat. Switch to CFL’s and save a bundle, plus they’ll last longer. Now if you can’t bring yourself to dispose of a perfectly good bulb, that’s ok, use it until it dies, but keep a stock pile of CFL’s to start replacing those burnt out incandescent bulbs with.
 5. Eat local - I challenge you to step out and find a farmers market or store that sells local goods. Not only is the quality of the food better and more nutritious, but you help support your local community. I’m not saying you have to shop there all the time, but look into it. On top of getting better food, it also makes for a great family outing.
6. Energy Star – If you’re looking to replace an old or outdated appliance, focus your shopping around energy star appliances. They are required to meet specific government standards in efficiency and are likely to save you money in the long run. Generally speaking, they are competitively priced against other non energy star products, so you only stand to gain out of this route.
7. Insulation and caulking – Do you know how well your home is insulated? When we bought our home, we found the walls were pretty well insulated, however, they forgot to insulate around door and window frames, a bit of spray in foam made a huge difference. Year round, that’s heating and cooling dollars heading right outside. Check where ever you can for insulation, and consider adding caulk or insulation around windows and doors to seal off air flow.
8. Cut the paper –Sign up with your bank to receive your statements online. The phone company, cable company, the list goes on and on, are all doing it now. They’re all trying to reduce their costs through mailing, so it serves a dual purpose. It’s really easy and takes less than 5 minutes to do, so what are you waiting for? There are also companies that can help eliminate junk mail for a small fee.
9. Unplug – You know that alarm clock in the spare bedroom that no one ever sleeps in? Well, it’s costing you money, and probably a lot more than you would think. Take a few minutes now and create a list of gadgets, lamps, chargers, etc that you could easily unplug and not notice. Remember, every one of them means a little bit of change in your pocket! Too lazy? Look into power strips with remote shut offs.  
10. Wash clothes in cold water – Your clothes really don’t need to sit in a nice warm bath for twenty minutes. Ok, sure, you got grass stains on your pants from the impromptu football game, maybe just maybe you could use some warm water to help. But for the bulk of your washing needs, using cold water will do just as good a job and will save you a ton of money since you won’t have to heat all that extra water.

So that’s it, ten quick tips that you can use to get started on your greener lifestyle. Most of these are simple and will help save you money, so you really have little to lose.

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