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3 Ways to Activate Abundance

3 Ways to Activate Abundance

I have been paying a lot more attention to my finances in the past several months. One of my business coaches once shared that, “If you don’t pay attention to money, it’s going to get your attention and probably not in a way you like.” Since then I have been diligently tracking my income daily as she assigned and paying lots of attention to money.

Doing this work, I realize I want more money…A LOT more. And what a relief to finally be in a space where I don’t feel ashamed or icky for admitting this. So in my quest to increase my income, what has continuously come up for me is the concept of abundance.

To me, abundance is the opposite of lack. It’s expansive, infinite, with no cap. There’s plenty of it to go around, forever and ever. I prefer to use these ideas to describe money. It even feels lighter in my body to speak of it in these terms.

So how in the world do I get abundance? My guidance is revealing to me that abundance is less about getting and more about being. The abundance I seek is already inside of me. So the following question kept coming back to me, “how do I activate abundance from within?” After many interesting conversations, humbling life experiences, quiet moments in meditation and seeing the answers literally jump out to me from poster ads around New York City, the following are my top 3 quickest ways to activate abundance:

1. Give. We’ve all heard the saying, “what you give is what you get.” It seems counterintuitive in the context of this article since I’m sharing how to get more of something, but it certainly applies. You must give that which you want more of. You want love? Give love. You want money? Give money. You want hugs? Give hugs. As you give and let go, you are freeing up space to allow more in.

2. Receive. In the quest of being humble and a “giving” person, many people bypass or avoid altogether the act of receiving. God loves a cheerful giver, right? Well you don’t know how to cheerfully give until you start to cheerfully receive. Be your own valentine today and buy yourself that beautiful bouquet of red roses. Write yourself a romantic love letter or poem. Receiving helps you to affirm your worthiness. When you know you are worthy, you allow more goodness to come to you.

3. Foster an attitude of gratitude. The most beautiful definition I found of the word gratitude was stated by THEO. They said, “Gratitude is unconditional loving of self and others and it opens the self for all the abundance. We speak not only of money or things, we speak of the abundance of life, the authentic self-realized…Love expressed and experienced fully.” Not sure how being grateful will open the door to what you want? Try this exercise. Choose an area of your life where you are struggling (weight, money, job, etc). Then, for the next 7 days commit to discovering at least one thing that you appreciate about this challenging situation. Notice how you you feel about it at the end of the 7 days. Being grateful gives you the key to unlocking the treasures of your life and allows you to feel just how rich you really are.

How do you activate abundance?

Written by Madea Allen,  the Organic Soul Chef.  Repost from 14 Feb 13

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