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6 Reasons to Become Addicted to Chair Massage

6 Reasons to Become Addicted to Chair Massage

Chair massages are a quick, easy way to relax and get some relief from tension, stress and pain. A study in American Psychologists showed that people who received a short chair massage on their break, rather than resting, performed significantly better on complicated tasks like math problems.  For the study one group of workers had a 15-minute rest, and the other group had a 15-minute massage. As if you needed a reason other than “it feels so darn good”…here are 6 more reasons to get addicted to chair massage:

  1. They provide a quick “pick me up” that has an energizing and uplifting effect –
    Do you find yourself dragging halfway through the day? A quick chair massage gives you that “pick up” to keep you from experiencing that “mid-day crash”. A massage can improve creative thinking and relieve fatigue.
  2. They are convenient –
    Chair massages are done fully clothed, no oils are used. You don’t have to worry about going back to work with messy, oiled down hair.
  3. They work the areas where most people hold tension…the neck, shoulders and back –
    Massage chairs were designed in way to seat you so that the back, neck and shoulders can be worked on while you relax.
  4. They take only 10-15 minutes
    Chair massages don’t take long, they can easily be done on your lunch break and leave you time to grab a bite to eat, too.
  5. They relax you and relieve stress
    Just picture it, you are comfortably seated in the massage chair, the lights are dim, soft music is playing, the gentle but firm touch of a therapist applying pressure and working out the tight spots in your aching muscles… just the thought is relaxing, no?
  6. They can relieve a headache caused by stress and muscle tension
    Even a quick chair massage can loosen and relax tight muscles that are causing pain, limited flexibility and range of motion and causing you headaches or migraines.

Make chair massage a part of your weekly routine.

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