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6 Spiritual Seasons of Life

6 Spiritual Seasons of Life

As we move through each spiritual season of life, keep in mind that seasons change and gratitude can be expressed in each season regardless of outward appearance.

1. The Dry Season

Nothing seems to be happening for us, even when we are trying hard.

This is a rest phase. Keep pressing forward with eyes on the prize (all 3!).  Reflect, meditate, visualize, raise your vibration to the octave of your desire … you are getting ready to be ready for its manifestation!  Rain is coming.

2. The Waiting Season

We often want what we want now.  Yet divine timing rules.  We may even experience divine detours that seemingly take us far off track.  In truth, divine detours immensely expand our consciousness and ability to serve humanity.  Trust that the perfect work is being done for your highest evolution.
This is a learning phase. Call on your Higher Self, Spirit Guides and Source for direction.  Become the Observer to allow occurrences to allow the little me to step back and have the experience.  We are still getting ready to be ready.

3. The Grinding Season

Sometimes we are in Virgo season where work rules.  There aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done.  Opportunity is flowing and the physical work to make manifestation happen causes us to stay on our grind.

Don’t get stuck in the human part of Being in this season. Remember to be still, meditate.  Let the unseen energies support you.  Your Guides & Ancestors want to help.  Work smart not hard – busyness is not a virtue.

4. The Tests & Trials Season

Nothing seems to be going right, despite good intentions and earnest effort.

This is a growth phase. Keep pushing through.  Know that you are on the verge of a breakthrough. “The door always opens as soon as you put down your bag.”

5. The Spiritual Warfare Season

Doubt, anxiety or depression has set in.  We can’t seem to get unstuck.  In our mind we can see the goal, yet our now is not reflecting any of our intentions.

This is a painful phase. Work is needed on the energetic level.  Fast, pray, smudge and watch your thoughts carefully.  Be prepared to shift low vibrational thoughts to higher vibrations on the emotional scale.

6. The Happy Season

All things are a reflection of Love in this season.  Balance is easy to find.

This is a joy phase.  Reap the harvest.  In-joy it.  Be grateful to continue to expand the vibration, making the next experience spiral to an even higher octave… less pain, more balance

Each season of life has it’s own beauty. In each season, give thanks.

Raiysa Nazaire

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