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7 Chakra Juice Fast for Renewal

7 Chakra Juice Fast for Renewal

Take the risk to bloom this Spring with the 7 Chakra Raw Juice Fast for Renewal!

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom”  Ana’s Nin

Happy Vernal Equinox!  It’s the spring season!  The season of new beginnings and revival is upon us.  That’s spiritual, mental, physical and emotional revival.  It’s a huge opportunity to align with Mother Nature in Grace to allow the fluid flow of life and soak up the sun! 
To help tap into the energy of renewal, SIS is doing a 9 day, 7 chakra raw juice fast to balance the 7 major chakras.  We take a day to tap into and stimulate each of these internal generators that make up our very Being – from the inside out. When our chakras are balanced, we raise our vibration to experience and extend a greater degree of love.  And love is the answer to any life challenge!
We will begin at sunset on March 20th with the onset of the full worm moon (last full moon of the winter) with an intention for personal growth and wholeness. Each day will be followed by a recipe, information and a practice for that chakra. We will conclude on the morning of March 28th with a break fast of the 7 chakra raw juice.
When you sign up for any level of membership, we’ll send you the e-book for free. The e-book contains the raw juice recipes and goes deeper into the daily practice of vibrational alignment: sound, color, crystals, organs and affirmations.  The more you engage, the more fluid your personal flow becomes.  Grace becomes your best friend!
Whether you do the full juice or a personal variation, you’ll have to shop to be prepared to do the juicing. It also helps to prepare your body to enter the fast by weaning off solid foods, and then slowly reincorporating solids when the fast is done.  Review the suggested shopping list on
Here’s the recipe for our full moon 7 chakra raw juice, from “Juice Diet Recipes”. Remember organic and fresh enhance revitalization!
1 cup Watermelon or 2 Pomegranates (red)
2 Oranges (orange) ½
1 Lemon (yellow)
3 leaves of Kale (green)
1 handful Blueberries (blue)
1 Beetroot (purple/indigo)
½ small Daikon Radish (white)

Juice and send love to the related chakra in the order shown for maximum benefit.

While we suggest a collective juice for each day, each individual has specific physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs that may invite tweaks to make this fast work best for you.  For all recipes you may substitute your own chakra appropriate fruit or vegetable. Some may prefer to juice fruits in the morning and vegetables in the evening – fruits cleanse and vegetables heal.
Don’t forget to feel the experience and allow the emotions that come up to flow clear and the spirit to blossom! 
In sharing this experience we can collectively make an impact to tilt our lives and the world towards balance!  If you can engage someone else, do the planning and go shopping together to share the cost and to maximize the benefits.
Tap in each day to get the daily renewal message.
Yours in Spirit, SIS
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