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7 Chakras and Planets

7 Chakras and Planets

Loka is a sanskrit name for planet. Loka also means level and degree. Level of life, degree of existence. While becoming aware of  psychic centers, levels of our vital energy, wisemen found their connection with external phenomena – planets. They discovered that, while the planets moved and took certain positions among themselves, there were either more conflicts, or more creativity and activity. So they defined the character of the planets and their influence through different states of human psyche.

Every planet has its specific characteristics, and right now we can become aware of them and tell one planet from another.

Chakra expression
Planet revelation
I understand
Expansion, generosity, opening
Sixth/Third Eye
I see
Limitation, time, inevitable consequences
I speak
Creativity, expression
I love
Peacefulness, bliss, heartedness
Third/Solar Plexus
I do
Brightness, confidence, optimism
Second/ Sacral
I feel
Sensuality, tenderness, spontaneity
First/Root chakra
I am
Ability to survive, stability

Interacting With Planetary Energies

We can use the power of planets to change certain aspects of our lives. But even before we do this, we should bear in mind how they interact. It is very important to follow the principle of respect towards any force, especially that of planets and energies inside us.

Planets are personalities of those forces and energies. And you can have a relationship with them. Once you get in touch with a force, it is important to understand that it is creative and full of potential. Sometimes this force will reveal itself as creative and sometimes its revelation can be destructive.

This is how the world is. No force can work all by itself. Collaboration is the heart of universal existence.

Loka is not just a planet. It is a level of life, a degree of existence. Our psyche is quite limited while life levels are very powerful. While interacting with planets, we harmonize their energy inside our body.

Take the Sun, for example. What is the Sun energy within human psyche? It is the ability to rejoice, to act and to be responsible. Once you lose joy and ability to act decisively, you get disconnected with the energy of the Sun. This may be the sign of your disrespect towards the Sun.

Or, what is the Moon power? it is the power of peace and ability to give love. When your life is devoid of these things, you probably have lost connection with the Moon energy.

Author:  Anna Sidora

Excerpt from: – Planets And Subtle Body How Planet Energies Are Related To Chakras


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