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7 Mistakes in Thinking & How To Correct Them

7 Mistakes in Thinking & How To Correct Them

We hold ourselves back from our full potential in many ways, and all of those ways start with our thoughts. These seven are most common, and correcting them is just a thought away.

1. Mistake: You assume others have hostile intentions. Solution: Look for how everyone loves you.

2. Mistake: You decide to feel hurt. Solution: Monitor your tone and serenity. Ask yourself, “What do I not want to see about myself?”

3. Mistake: You claim you cannot influence life. Solution: Assume life is totally fair, look for why you deserve what you got and how you caused it.

4. Mistake: You create feelings of blame to avoid looking within. Solution: Dwell on what is wonderful right now.

5. Mistake: You lose your effectiveness by putting your energy into other people’s problems. Solution: Mind your own business.

6. Mistake: You surrender your happiness so you do not feel responsible. Solution 1: Learn to love and seek responsibility. Solution 2: Be the cause, not the effect!

7. Mistake: You focus on an undesirable future. Solution: Sharpen your vision of what you want.

It’s up to you … correction is as simple as choosing again and applying focused energy to what you do want – not what you don’t!

7 Mistakes in Your Thinking and How to Correct Them is a reprint from the New You, New Love Semiar by Dr. Dee Adio-Moses. Find out more a youareenoughbook(dot)com.

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