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A Prosperity Mindset

A Prosperity Mindset
Prosperity is a state of mind in which one has happiness and peace within and about oneself. Oneness with God is what can give one this state of mind. Some people may have a few thousand dollars in the bank and consider they are prosperous, while others may have a million and feel that they are not prosperous as yet. Prosperity is usually thought of only in terms of finances, but such thinking is not right. Prosperity is not only financial, but also includes areas of love, health and happiness. Having one of these things without the others is not true prosperity.
Each day, declare within your mind that God is your True Source of supply.
Live, think and act in ways that say you are already prosperous.
Do all you need to do in your job or your business diligently.
Don’t allow yourself to be influenced by those around you who love to talk about how hard times are.
 Associate only with those who have a positive attitude about prosperity and money.
 What is the right mental attitude for-attracting prosperity? It is an attitude of continual expectancy, a state of mind that is always open to new ideas, inspirations and intuition flowing from the God-Mind that is within. It is a state of mind that never accepts financial defeat. It is a state of mind that always knows that God, as the manifesting Universe, is one’s only true source of supply and prosperity. It is a mind that finds peace in these truths–and through that, peace, which makes the mind clear, it finds new inspiration leading to greater prosperity.
Rev. Dr. Dee Adio-Moses is an acclaimed author, internationally sought after Life Strategist and Educator.  Find out more about her at
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