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Sisters in Spirit (SIS) TM  is an international phenomenon. In order to allow the infusion of harmony, we share ideas and experiences, figure out what works and what doesn’t, then find how that relates to our diverse backgrounds. We share resources — access to our network, website, publication, and wealth of information.   SIS creates an international banner under which we can do all of this.  Your chapter brings this home to you.  Chapters are organized, established, and chartered around the globe to further the mission and goals of SIS Inc.  Chapters function interdependently with SIS Inc to better respond to local needs and issues facing women in their communities.    


How to start a SIS Chapter

A Chapter is a sub-unit of Sisters in Spirit (SIS) Inc., constituted by a minimum of twelve (12) members and is established by petition to the parent organization and operates per the SIS by-laws (hyperlink).

You may recruit your members by using our organizational brochure (hyperlink). Be sure to add the contact person, address, phone and email for your new chapter. To recruit members, you may:

  1. Contact SIS Inc. to see if there are any members-at-large in your area.
  2. Put an ad on the SIS home page

During your organizational meeting, you will need to decide on a chapter name, elect officers (or temporary officers to act until an election can be held), and complete the charter application.

Once you have accomplished the above steps:

  1. Send SIS Inc: the charter application (hyperlink), complete charter member subscriptions on line (hyperlink), a recommendation letter from the sponsoring member, and the agreed amount of dues/assessments ($19.00 annually per member for basic membership, $50 annually per chapter). SIS Inc. will contact you with an approximate date on which your charter will arrive so that you may set a date for your chartering meeting.

B. Choose a chapter name, based on a type of gemstone.  You may incorporate the use of the SIS Inc. logo for your local chapter.

  1. Optionally, plan for a Membership Certificate presentation ceremony to the chartering members. Certificates are provided by SIS Inc.

Once a chapter is approved, you will be granted access to additional chapter documents. These steps are for the benefit and protection of your chapter and its members.





Other documents

Chapter Reporting

Chapters are required to annually report meeting activity, financial activity and current officers to SIS Inc. These reports must be submitted at the end of each year. They are necessary for the Chapter to maintain viability. A Chapter may be dissolved if there are no reports submitted for two consecutive years.

  • Meeting Activity Reports: SIS Inc. Bylaws require that a Chapter hold not less than two meetings per year and maintain a membership of not fewer than ten members.
  • The Chapter is encouraged to post copies of their meeting reports in the secure section of the member Forum (under xxxx):

The appointed Secretary should provide the following reports on-line:

  • Officer Reports: a list of the Chapter officers, along with member numbers and contact information, should be submitted to the Chapter Secretary for submission with the Section’s materials.
  • Financial Activity Reports: the Chapter should submit income and expense information to SIS Inc. to be consolidated into the Section Financial report (L-50). Chapters maintaining a separate bank account and/or involved in a lot of financial activity may submit a separate financial report. A copy of this report should go to the Chapter Treasurer. Consistency should be maintained from year to year regarding the way the financial report is submitted (consolidated or separate).

Hyperlink to these:

Chapter By-laws:

I. The Chapter shall:

A. Be known and do business as it is registered with SIS Inc. International;

B. Consciously identify itself as a duly chartered Chapter of SIS Inc. in all dealings with its clients, contractors, public officials and others, and

C. Prominently place appropriate notice of its chapter membership on all forms, business cards, stationary, advertising, signs and other materials where SIS Inc. membership is disclosed.

II. The Chapter shall be solely responsible for its revenues and expense in providing, managing or otherwise conducting the business affairs of the Chapter.

III. The Chapter shall comply with the provisions of its charter agreement, the constitution, bylaws and policies and directives of SIS Inc. International and shall operate its programs, services and business activities in keeping with the purposes, philosophy and standards set forth therein.

IV. The Chapter shall open and maintain a bank account to be used in general operational activities of the Chapter, as well as an account or accounts for designated specific purposes, which cannot be used for general operational purposes. The Chapter shall make records of its bank accounts available to SIS Inc. International upon request.

V. The Chapter shall keep current, correct and complete books and records of accounts and shall keep minutes of proceedings of its members, and addresses of its members entitled to vote.

VI. The Chapter shall maintain current, true and accurate records of all financial transactions of the Chapter, including all income and expenditures in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. Based on these records,

A. The officers of the Chapter or trustees shall prepare an annual report of the financial activity of the Chapter for presentation to SIS Inc. International.

B. The accounting period is January through December.

C. The financial report is due no later than 60 days after the close of the accounting period. All books, records and annual reports shall be maintained for at least three years after closing of the accounting period.

VII. The Chapter agrees to cooperate with SIS Inc. International to protect its Service-marks, Trade-marks and logos from unauthorized use by anyone or any entity without SIS Inc. International’s explicit authority to use the same.

VIII. Each Chapter shall have the right to acquire real and personal property to facilitate the furtherance of their programs and services. The Chapter shall maintain an inventory of said property and said property shall be turned over to SIS Inc. International in the event that the Chapter’s charter becomes forfeited or not renewed by SIS Inc. International.

IX. The Chapter will indemnify and hold harmless SIS Inc. International from any and all claims made against the Chapter.

X. The Chapter will arrange in a manner appropriate to its circumstance, for liability coverage for its activities.

XI. The Chapter shall make application for exemption as a 501 (C) (3) organization and shall assume all responsibilities as applicable to those required by the Internal Revenue Service.

XII. The Chapter shall supply copies of all financial, membership, operational and other records maintained in the course of its operations to SIS Inc. International upon request.

Sisters in Spirit Chapter Application

Fill out each section of the following form and e-mail it to


1.   Proposed Chapter Lead

name and address                                                                                     title

telephone number and email

2.   When would you like to form a SIS chapter?              

3.   Please estimate your SIS membership:                          Graduate

Charter members

One year later

4.  Chapter Location:




Zip _____________________________________________________________________

5.  Endorsement by SIS Representative:

name                                           title                               signature                                      date

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