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Sep 30, 2012


Welcome to our FAQs, where you’ll find quick and easy answers to the most commonly asked questions about Sisters in Spirit and Fluid Magazine.

Who is Sisters in Spirit? Sisters in Spirit is an international circle of women across the age spectrum who come together to share, inspire and empower each other in order to infuse harmony into our everyday lives.
What is Fluid Magazine? Fluid Magazine is the online publication of Sisters In Spirit. Fluid is a premiere publication that puts at your fingertips, resources, information, and sisterly support that inspires harmony in your everyday living and empowers you to live a more fulfilled spiritual existence that enhances your life and the lives of those with whom you come in contact.

How do I subscribe to Fluid Magazine? It’s simple just complete the subscribe form.

How do I join? Review our membership information and decide how you would like to affiliate with Sisters in Spirit and join.

Where are chapters located? Our current chapters are located in Atlanta, Georgia and Washington, DC. You can join a chapter, or start a chapter in your area.

How do I start a chapter? View Chapter Organization information.

What does SIS do to serve the Community? SIS serves the community first by empowering and encouraging women to thrive in all areas of their life, thus affecting their lives and the lives of people with whom they come in contact. We also work directly with our communities through the following programs ……… Individual Inspiration Circles (chapters) may have volunteer efforts that they participate in as well.

How do I advertise on your sites? There are many ways to advertise, sponsor and affiliate with us. Check out the advertisement information here.

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