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Sep 30, 2012

Why Join SIS

Become a part of a universal circle of women who are inspired to live a more harmonious lifestyle by joining Sisters in Spirit (SIS). Avail yourself of the information, resources, and encouragement designed to enhance your journey toward self-empowerment, inner peace, and spiritual and harmonious everyday living for you and those you care about.

SIS Online Membership

SIS online membership provides access to resources that include:

  • Fluid Magazine articles and information
  • A daily inspiration email service – Streams of Light
  • Our community forums and blogs
  • Discounts to partner businesses
  • Opportunities to advertise your business or services
  • Discounted fees for SIS events
  • A place to share your inner light through poetry, writings, and thoughts in Our Space

Joining is simple. Decide how you would like to affiliate with SIS, and join.

Inspiration Circle Membership

If you’re looking for ways to become more involved in the many aspects of what Sisters in Spirit brings to women’s lives, consider joining a SIS chapter called an Inspiration Circle. Members form teams to put into action goals that include Directing and Assisting Youth toward Success (DAYTS), Entrepreneurial Interests (EI), and Financial Empowerment (FE) and/or other paths individual circles identify.

Want to join an existing Inspiration Circle?

If you live in New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Maryland, New Jersey, Atlanta, or Macon, chances are there is a local chapter near you that you can join. Visit our list of local SIS chapters.

Want to form a new Inspiration Circle?

If you don’t live near an existing chapter, you may be able to form your own Inspiration Circle! All new Inspiration Circles must be sponsored by an existing Sisters In Spirit member.

Please keep the following in mind when you consider starting a new chapter:

  • A minimum of six (6) members is required to start and maintain an Official Chapter.
  • There is a one-time initiation fee of $200 per chapter.
  • Individual member dues are $50 per member, per year ($25 goes toward membership fees and $25 goes toward online SIS membership).
  • Your Inspiration Circle must be sponsored by an existing SIS member.

Simply email the membership committee to receive more information on how you can start a SIS chapter

Download our SIS Inspiration Circle



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