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Are Aging and Dying Toxic to You?

Are Aging and Dying Toxic to You?

“Are Aging and Dying Toxic to You” may sound like an odd title but it is such an important issue that I must expound on because in my view the human consciousness is extremely confused on this point. Let me explain.

How many of you consider death and dying to be part of life, an unavoidable outcome of your life, part of what it means to be human, what God has decreed and so on?

Well I’m sure most of you would answer yes to all of the above.

Yet there is a major piece of information that is being missed in this equation that must be brought into the light. So here it is.

For a moment reflect on some negative experience you’ve had in your life and as you do notice what having that memory inside of you is doing to you. In other words notice your emotional, physical and energetic reaction to having that memory “stored” inside you.

You’ll likely note some or all of the following: feelings of sadness, feeling hurt, vulnerable, anxious, afraid, helpless, inadequate, guilty, regret, like a victim, perhaps hopeless, insecure, weighed down, heaviness, depressed, depleted or drained of energy and so on.

Now clearly you know this is a negative experience simply by how it feels and by what it is doing to you.

I want to focus briefly however on the experience of feeling depleted or drained of energy noted above.

What energy is this that is being referred to?

Well if you think about it for a moment you’ll see that it is your “Life Energy”.

Where is that Life Energy being depleted from?

Well your physical body. So what is another way of saying what is taking place?

Simply it that you are dying!

If you cannot see that it is more readily understood that when one’s life energy is completely drained from the physical body then that person is considered technically dead. So logically the process of having one’s life energy depleted or drained from one’s body in essence is the process of dying.

So if that negative memory is draining your life energy from your body would you consider it toxic? Well of course!

After all isn’t that why so many of you spend so much time trying to avoid toxifying your bodies with junk food, toxic chemicals, pollutants, bad water and so on? It’s all because these items have the propensity to make you ill, sick and expedite the process of dying or the depletion of your life force from your body.

So now you may be surprised by two revelations here.

First is the fact that negative memories which remain deeply stored within your mind/body are constantly depleting you of life energy. That is they are “killing” you every day simply by you carrying them within you!

Secondly and just as importantly you have instinctually and knowingly identified the process of having your life energy depleted from your body (i.e. the process of dying) as toxic and therefore undesirable to you! In other words you inherently desire to have your life energy “in” your body!

So all those beliefs listed above i.e. death and dying are part of life, an unavoidable outcome of your life, part of what it means to be human, what God has decreed and so on, which tend to justify the so called “normality” or “necessity” of having your life energy “taken away” from you, are therefore also toxic to you! Toxic because they reinforce an outcome which you “know” is undesirable to you.

Now stop for a moment and notice how you feel inside.

You may feel some interesting shifting going on. This shifting represents your life energy beginning to return to your physical body. How does that feel to you?

You probably feel more uplifted, joyous, peaceful, calm, contented, present, confident, lighter, etc.

This by the way is the experience of being “Alive”. This is what you were meant to experience always! It is equivalent to you being in your Divine Human State!

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