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Alignment with Love

Alignment with Love

As I meander along the spiritual path, a thought I consistently return to is that all that really matters is alignment with love. From this place of alignment, I receive glimpses of my infinite worth, of infinite abundance, of the perfection of All That Is. Inspired action flows through me and I embody the love that I am.

When I’m not in alignment with love, my thoughts, feelings and choices often seem to come from scarcity and fear. And in making decisions and taking action from this place, I imagine I create more of this.

I’ve come to believe that I am the creator of my reality, and I create through my emotions. I magnetize to myself more of what I’m feeling. I imagine my feelings are created through my thoughts and beliefs, through my perspectives and interpretations of what is. This sometimes leads me to put pressure on myself to monitor my thoughts and feelings. To make sure I’m not attracting in that which I do not wish to create. This often introduces the element of fear.

I imagine a big part of aligning with love to be not judging and attempting to control my experience from a place of misalignment with love. It is therefore important to me to cultivate awareness of when I am out of alignment. In many moments, I don’t recognize this misalignment. I don’t realize that my thoughts are coming from scarcity and fear, and I am inviting more of this in.

I imagine thoughts that suggest that where I authentically am in any given moment is “not good” will magnetize more “not good” thoughts, feelings and circumstances that reflect this interpretation of what is. As more of these “not good” thoughts, feelings and circumstances are attracted to me, a momentum is created. I spiral deeper into the chasm of scarcity and fear. I lose awareness of love.

Aligning with love may look different for everyone. We may all have our own unique ways of returning to our knowledge of infinite worth and abundance. For me, step one is often considering that perhaps nothing is “not good.” Nothing is wrong or bad. Everything is okay.

Perhaps every experience, no matter how unpleasant, even has a hidden benefit.

Over time, as I considered this possibility, I began to believe it. The more I thought about it, the more it felt true for me. The more I imagined that nothing was bad and every experience was beneficial in some way, the more “evidence” of this seemed to magnetize into my experience. And the more I felt myself aligning with love.

Perhaps evidence is simply the magnetizing of that which is aligned with our vibration, our current perspective. The drawing in of that which is relevant for our current exploration. And perhaps we get to choose our explorations. In this moment, I am choosing to explore alignment with love through thoughts and emotions.

What happens when we allow ourselves to consider that everything is here to help us? For me, many thoughts have arisen that doubt and contradict this possibility. “If everything is happening for my benefit, why do I feel like shit? If everything is here to help me, why do I feel like life keeps kicking my ass? And why don’t I have everything that I want?” These thoughts feel disempowering and I imagine them to be distancing me from alignment with love (for I imagine love and empowerment to be one in the same).

Many thoughts now arise for me that contradict these contradictions, and I notice myself feeling more empowered and aligned with love as they arrive. “Perhaps I’m not yet fully ready to receive that which I’m wanting. Maybe there’s something that needs to happen first in order to align with my desires, and I’m energetically creating the perfect circumstances for this. And maybe getting my ass kicked and feeling like shit is part of the process, and exactly what I need in certain moments. How many times has this ‘happened to me’ only to propel me into a more fulfilling life? A life of greater alignment with love?”

Perhaps life kicks our a**es when we aren’t hearing it’s gentle whispers. And maybe we have a hard time hearing it’s whispers of love because our minds are too noisy. Enter meditation.

Again, we all have our own path to alignment with love. Meditation is a practice that I feel works well for me. When I notice my mind is very active and I don’t feel very good, meditation is often my go to for returning to love.

For me, meditation is both a process of observing the mind and allowing it to settle. Through observation, I cultivate awareness of its patterns. In the presence of expanding awareness, these patterns naturally seem to shift on their own.

I notice that when I move beyond awareness and attempt to change what’s happening within my experience, it often feels as if I engage in an internal war with myself. Through attempting to change what is, I introduce an element of “this is not good,” and a tension is created that seems to distance me from alignment with love.

This internal battle often occurs when I’m judging and attempting to change my emotions through changing my thoughts. I often attempt to do this through the practice of gratitude. I imagine gratitude to be a wonderful tool for alignment with love, but I’ve come to feel it’s not the best tool for the job in every moment.

I’ve come to feel that alignment with love is often synonymous with not attempting to change anything about my experience. From this place of simply being, allowing, and surrender, gratitude naturally arises for me, in its own timing. It isn’t something I need to force. The process organically unfolds when I let go of control. When I end the internal war.

Ultimately, I don’t feel there is anything wrong with any part of my experience. I imagine everything arises for my benefit and there is nothing I need to change or avoid. There’s nothing I need to do but align with love, and in doing nothing, this alignment often happens on its own.

For me, aligning with love largely comes down to trust. Trusting that life is conspiring for my benefit. Trusting that I will know what is best for me when I’m aligned with love. Trusting that when I’m not aligned with love, I am benefiting in some way from the experience of misalignment. Trusting that there is a perfection to the organic process of life, and the timing in which everything naturally unfolds is perfect for me.

And perhaps, like everything else, trust also cannot be forced and arrives in its own timing.

Many of the ways in which I attempt to change what is seem to arise from a desire to control stemming from a lack of trust. I notice I often attempt to change what is because I think I’m doing something wrong or I’m wanting to escape or avoid discomfort. But I wonder, if I fully trusted myself and the organic process of life, would I ever try to change anything?

None of this is to suggest that creating change is not beneficial. This is more of an exploration of what vibratory state of being I’m in when I attempt to create change, and what flows from these actions.

What happens when I attempt to create change when I’m not in alignment with love? When I’m aligned with scarcity and fear? When I’m judging my experience as “not good” in some way? When I don’t remember who I really am?

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Do the changes I create from this space align me with love?

Perhaps attempting to align with love, from a place of misalignment with love, is the greatest obstacle to alignment with love.

As I write this, what strikes me as amusing is that I don’t feel all that aligned with love this morning. I woke up feeling sh**ty and was inspired to start writing. So maybe this is all a bunch of out-of-alignment bullshit.

Or maybe I’m more aligned with love in each moment than I’m aware of.

Or maybe I’m misaligned with love and it’s a perfect part of the process of realignment with love.

Or maybe I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, but I like to pretend I do in order to avoid feeling the discomfort and fear of the unknown.


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