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Editorial – Alignment Rocks!

Editorial – Alignment Rocks!

Nov 13, 2019

The SIS theme for February asks us to focus on being in alignment with our best Self to keep spiraling up to our highest Self.

In conscious alignment I know Love.

What is alignment?  Alignment ideally is that feeling of Oneness with All that Is that IS.  It affirms our reason for being lifetime after lifetime.

At one end of the spectrum alignment is vibing at the frequency of a power greater than your individual being.  Yet on the other end of the spectrum, alignment is also not resisting what is before us, or just going with the flow.  We can be aware of  and allow that space without committing to staying there, while we seek out frequencies to attune to with that help us scale up to optimal alignment.

When we focus our thoughts on what we don’t want that energy will be drawn to us to.  That’s alignment by default.  We can consciously use thought, visioning, speech, and attitude to powerfully move to a place of conscious alignment.

Think about it!  What if conscious alignment is our only true job?

Restructure & Transform!
In Love & Light, Your SIS

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