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An Invitation to Parallel Realities

An Invitation to Parallel Realities

You are here on the planet at this time to do work and service. This is what the ascension, the moving into a higher octave and higher dimension is all about. It is you connecting with others doing the same that is bringing an awesome transformation of consciousness to the collective field.

We will now stretch you a bit more in your multidimensional skin with this invitation. Begin to consider, begin to hold as a real possibility and probability that there are parallel universes coexisting all around you.

Your preconceived visions and life’s experiences have been based on the concept of a very solid reality. We are inviting you to consider that there are other realities sharing your space. This is what your modern physics is offering, this interpretation of quantum energy and quantum theory that many realities coexist simultaneously.

Let us give you an analogy. There are many hundreds of different frequencies that are available at all times. These frequencies, waves and broadcasts surround you at all times. The radio waves or the frequencies of your television programs exist in your space.

It is only when you tune your equipment to a certain station that you receive the frequency offered. This can be a certain form of music or a visual program offered to your television screen. The equipment or station will only allow one type of energy at a time. However you know if you moved the channel or the selector you would immediately receive a different program or a different type of music.

So using this example, realize that you are only tuned into one station, receiving one type of reality. This station, this one type of reality corresponds with your beliefs and programs. You are tuned into the physical reality. However just like the radio waves which offer a large variety and selection of music and just like the frequencies that offer you the many selections of television programs, there are an infinite number of parallel realities that are coexisting with you and what you own as real.

Everyone has this multidimensional aspect. Most never awaken to this awareness. They enter this dimension, cross the veil and never recognize or acknowledge the many levels of consciousness that they could be aware of.

Most people stay on the same station their entire life, never moving the dial to explore the other signals, the other connections. The focus is limited to only what that one frequency provides, what information that one frequency offers.

A person who is aware of their multidimensional self is able to move the dial from one station to the other with ease. They allow for more stimulation, more information and a broader spectrum of consciousness. They are more adventurous and open to the realization that they are capable of shifting their focus from one reality to the other and integrating the many frequencies into a harmonious whole.

Many individuals focus on one aspect of their multidimensional self; however the other aspects still exist, still continue, and still vibrate a frequency. At times there can be an energetic exchange between one aspect of your multidimensional self and another, an impulse, an idea, a nudge, a longing that the focused current self felt. Each person has many selves operating at all times, however most focus on only one or two aspects their lives.

Remember that these parallel realities are vibrating at a different frequency. If you are tuned to one frequency, the physical, solid, slow vibrational frequency, the other realities are not available. Realize that they still exist even if you can not sense them.

This consideration and this awareness of the probability of other realities sharing your space can definitely cause your mental understanding of what is real to be challenged. We now want you to allow yourself to expand and consider that these realities exist.

Your very cells are interactive with the energy of the universe. Galactic power surges, solar flares all contribute to the triggering, the switching on, of more and more of the dormant aspects of your cells, your DNA and your consciousness. Each individual can also begin to consciously switch on these aspects. Human beings are made up of complex fields of energy, all interweaving, moving, shifting and changing moment to moment. These energy fields interact with other humans beyond words or consciousness. More is shared and communicated on the subtle energy grids of each person than spoken words. When two people come together there is a total interface, a mixing as it were, of the energy fields of each one; and more information is available to both.

As the cells receive more light human beings begin to be activated. This awareness of being in more than one reality at any moment will become the norm. This is part of awakening. It is the realization that humans are multidimensional. They are interacting in other realities. They are more magnificent then they can ever imagine. As humans begin to awaken, they become aware, and understand that they move in and through the dimensional portals interacting with parallel realities all the time, in the blink of an eye, in one breath. 

Ego, however, tries to make sure they stay focused in three dimensional reality, rigidly focused on this one dimension and this one reality. Shifting into other realms feels unreal; it feels scary like they might lose themselves. This is all part of the evolution of consciousness. There is much information that is being offered now which supports these ideas and theories. Each individual is awakening in their own time frame; however there is a phenomenal amount of energy and support that is being offered to this planet in its process of evolution from the celestial realms of love, light and truth. 

We invite you to play with these ideas of parallel realities as well as other dimensions that you interface with more often then you allow yourself to consider. Stretch into these concepts, play with these concepts and soften any limited beliefs. Imagine what it might be like to step into another reality. Look for examples in your sharing and in your own experiences of connecting and shifting into another reality, even if it is brief and unexpected

Excerpted from The Magic of Being ©2011 Peggy Black All Right Reserved. For more  information visit morningmessages(dot)com.

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