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Are you listening?

Are you listening?

Tapping into your intuition directly aligns you to the fluid flow of life.  Intuition is your connection to Source that has been with you since your chose a physical existence.  Intution works as an early warning and navigation system for our lives that tells us to take a moment to pause, tap in, and get clear direction. Often we ignore these energetic messages or brush them off as our imagination or coincidence, only to realize in hindsight that the path had been laid out every so gently before us.  Instead we chose the more difficult path of going through an experience of years, tears, or pain. You can take the high or the low road; doesn’t matter yu have to get there. 

Developing or expanding your innate intuitive ability will not happen overnight.  Like a muscle the more you work at it, the stronger it gets.  You can start by listening in.  Literally listening in to your gut, dreams and the quiet whispers, then asking to understand the message gets you on the way.  The Universe wants to help us on our journey, let’s open up to receive.

How has intuition served you lately?  And how do you tap in?

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