Helping others infuse harmony into their every day living.

Attuning to the Vibration of Love

Attuning to the Vibration of Love

We are energetic beings designed to vibrate at a high frequency that yields a mindset where life is joyful. When our personal voltage is weak, or we are vibrating at lower frequencies, it is hard for us to repel disease, increase vitality, share love or raise consciousness. We get caught up in the energies of fear, sickness, lack or limitation. Knowing how to raise our love vibration is imperative to both personal and collective well being.  It’s a matter of tuning in, because love is everywhere as a reflection of the Oneness of the universe.  Among the many ways to tune in to love are:

  • caring for other living beings
  • seeing the best in all situations and people
  • basking in gratitude
  • visiting sites that are highly energized (or energize your own!)
  • listening to music that opens up your heart, and
  • meditation

All things can be a path to love, simply because they serve their unique purpose of showing us whether we are coming from a place of fear or love.  Attuning to the vibration of love allows us to infuse harmony in our everyday living.  Life expressed through love is joyful.

Raiysa Nazaire



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