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The Audacity of Self Love

The Audacity of Self Love

Self Love is giving one’s self permission to be all that we are. This spills over into all other aspects of our lives, because self love is reflected in everything. When we’re at our best, we exude positivity and light. SELF LOVE IS the BEST ACT OF KINDNESS. If one wants to have meaningful and beneficial relationships, self-love needs to be a top priority. In a society that seeks to manufacture clones, maintaining self love becomes an important act of courage to be reinforced through daily practice.

Ayanna_Jordan_PhotoUntitled1Our guest Ayanna Jordan, founder and Executive Director of the Phoenix Rising Collective is on a mission to reinforce the art of self love. She states: “If love, kindness, peace, grace, and all those other beautiful things are what you desire, then why not make them your primary concentration from the start? So, here’s the commitment: No more “I don’t want” mantras. You’ve already established yourself in that area, right? Moving forward, affirm your life through positive, conscious thoughts and words that support your intentions and direct the energy where you REALLY want it to flow. This is the essence of self-love.” She has always had a passion for inspiring others, particularly women – especially through writing, coaching, and teaching. For most of her career, she has worked in the education and non-profit sectors because of her strong commitment to social change and her even stronger desire to give back. From being the director of a college access program to teaching as a resident artist for one of southeast Ohio’s premiere art centers, she has always used her work to address issues ranging from educational access for first-generation college students to leadership development for women.

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