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Be Radical! Grow Your Own Food

Be Radical!  Grow Your Own Food

If you have a lawn or a patio, you have enough space to grow your own food.  What is one way that we can know that the food that we are eating contains the nutrients to help our bodies thrive and our minds expand to its fullest potential?  We can naturally grow our own food free of pesticides, herbicides and insecticides!   

Before the institutionalization of processed foods, we were a healthier society.  Growing your own food is not just a trendy thing to do; it’s a health revolution.  Not only is your food more tasty and nutritious, it’s also economical and earth friendly. 

Our guests Jamila Norman and Cecilia Gatung, of Patchwork City Farms, are helping us to take back control of our food supply through urban farming.  Learn how you too can enhance your health and be socially responsible at the same time.   

Patchwork City Farms (PCF) is a small multi-family owned urban farm located in the South West of Atlanta in the West End historic district.  PCF’s mission is to work with local landholders, public and private, to create a sustainable, naturally grown local food system.  To find out more about PCF, check out their website.
Join the show Thursday, July 18, 2013 at 8 PM Eastern or listen in the archives:

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