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Editorial – Be Yourself

Editorial – Be Yourself

Jan 3, 2016

Greetings Family, last month was about transformation.  Transformation that you could feel, and even smell … but couldn’t yet touch.  The seeds have been planted and you will begin to see seedlings of change.  It’s the season.  It’s still fragile, so you must protect your new growth from naysayers, including the resistant naysayer in you!  The best way to do this is to Be Yourself.

This month, feel the empowerment of being yourself.   This means aligning to the signature vibration that we were brought into the planet with.  Be Yourself.   Don’t look back on the self of yesterday.  That self is gone, never to be again.   If you look to your past, you can never Be.   Be here now, because now is the only place of alignment and power.  Radiate your power and gifts to the world so that the world’s energy of chaos does not magnetize you.

Your thoughts (vibrations) creates your reality.  Since life experienced is thought projected outward, align with the thoughts that bring you joy!  Then sharing joy with the world becomes second nature.

Vibing with you in Joy and Balance … Your SIS, Raiysa


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