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Begin Again

Begin Again

The past is over.  It only lives on in your mind.  Why keep energy stuck in past issues, when we can use that energy to be in the present moment enjoying an abundant life?  Rev. Row, founder of A Different Thought, a New Thought Christianity community invites us to Begin Again by using 4 steps: 

1. Settle your affairs:  this may be emotional debt, contradiction about self worth and shame, ending some internal/external reappearing conversations, or allowing yourself to release what is already past.

2. Know Thyself: what are your personal land mines, your habits and challenges, your personal work rhythm.

3. Grow Up and Be: accountable, flexible, responsible, reliable and giving

4.Get Real: You get what you expect, not the fantasy, but the core expectation at the level of your vibration. 

You can do all this through being plugged in through Faith because you and God/Source/Jehovah/Allah/All are one!  Join the show and get the full vision, Thursday, August 4th at 8 pm central on SIS internet radio.  Click for more information

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