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Editorial – Collect Your Power, Bring it Home

Editorial – Collect Your Power, Bring it Home

Dec 31, 2017

Collecting our power  is key to spiritual growth.  Self empowerment provides a platform that allows us to feel better, enhance relationships and communication, stop the drain on our energy that can lead to being overwhelmed.  We take back the energy we left in childhood when no one was there to protect us, the death of a loved one, abandonment in a relationship, “failure”, or any other traumatic event.

Personal empowerment is central to spiritual growth.  A key element is realizing that it is all about “self”.  We are the cause of everything that occurs in our life.  We are the common denominator in every situation or experience.  At any time we can use a myriad of techniques to reel in our scattered energy.  Meditation and visualization are two powerful and valuable tools to facilitate self empowerment.   Another key element is having self compassion as we re-collect our power.

In this fiery season with 3 eclipses, multiple planets in retrograde and mass unease that is palpable,  it’s imperative to use time to collect our power to secure a sense of balance.

Our mantra as we move through the chaos is,  “I collect my power and bring it back home.”  Home is where we live from the heart.

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