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Editorial – Release to Find Your Best Self

Editorial – Release to Find Your Best  Self

Jan 3, 2016

Greetings Sistren & Brethren!

As the season changes, we are at our best self when we flow with it.  Here in North America, the season of release is upon us.
In release we find our best self.  One has to let go of self in order to find Self.   It’s letting go of the identity that we have created of who and what we are. This attachment recreates to set the world stage that we wake up to each day.  Using release as a practice allows us to expand to the next level of exploration, rather than being stuck in the limitations of yesterday.

WE are on a space odyssey (through time and space), releasing rockets of desire as we spiral through infinite possibility.  Through release we let go of those stages that no longer serve us so that we have the energetic push to continue to rise to an ever expansive lighter self.  A self that is literally more filled with light.

To facilitate release and moving forward to the present we can clear out our mind, body and spirit by changing diet, thoughts and habits.  Why bother to release?  Because life becomes so much more fun!

Your SIS, Raiysa


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