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Burst Forth this Spring … Transcend YOUR Limits

Burst Forth this Spring … Transcend YOUR Limits

As you see the leaves greening and flowers blooming around you, your thoughts inherently go to how you can renew yourself as well. Intuitively you think about exercise, diet and new relationships. Why not take this to the next level by renewing your thought patterns and beliefs that lead to actions that limit attainment of the abundant life that you deserve? This will impact your ability to adhere to that diet or new exercise regimine, and generally revitalize, invigorate and renew.

Getting past your old self begins by watching what you think about and how you feel after that thought. Your emotions are your strongest guide to what is your highest thought or choice. Studies show that the average person thinks negative thoughts 70% of the day. So if you are thinking a thought that makes you feel that you are not enough or unworthy, then not enough or unworthy has to show up in your life by default. Where the mind goes, energy flows. There are many techniques that help you get past limiting beliefs, such as mind management, taking on a personal coach, affirmations and mantras, ancestral healing, and moving meditation. The opportunities abound.

You too can enjoy a fulfilling life where you: achieve your goals, manifest abundance, have mutually loving relationships, and where joy is felt on a regular basis. Tell us how you transcend your limitations, and join us on May 1, as Master Teachers guide you through techniques to help you attract the life YOU want and deserve by tapping into All That Is.

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