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Communication is an Art!

Communication is an Art!

There are so many ways to communicate – phone, email, text, video conference, blogs and good old snail mail – yet our communications are often lacking in genuine meaning. This may be because we are generally not taught how to communicate effectively.

To complicate matters more, modern technology has changed the way that we communicate forever; and is often seen as a barrier rather than an enhancer to effective communication. Yet, we can reach across both barriers and differences to build or strengthen relationships. The art of communication bridges that space. Effective communication is a true transfer of information. It’s listening with compassion and understanding, and expressing ourselves in a manner that others can stop focusing on differences long enough to hear the message. Yes, communication is an art form.

Our guest Audra Luke, has mastered the art of communication and shared her knowledge with us. It all boils down to initiating communication with yourself at all times. We have to filter the “noise” of our ego to have the experience of what is happening in the now. Once we are fully present, communication is a spontaneous and alive force of connection. Audra left us with the following quote: “Change how you look a things, and soon the things you look at will change.” It all starts with us, even communication.

Audra is a nationally acclaimed author, multimedia producer and writer with the special gift of reaching and inspiring an audience. Her dynamic work has been embraced through collaboration with celebrities such as Patti Labelle, Sean “Puffy” Combs, Alisha Keys, and Ludacris. Join the show to find out more about her work and to enhance your personal art of communication! Find out more about her on her website.

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