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Create and Build Wealth, Part 1

Create and Build Wealth, Part 1

SIS continues of Financial Literacy Education Program with Creating and Building Wealth to bring your attention on affluence.  Where your attention and energy lie determines what is present in your life.   Realistically, who doesn’t want to reach the place where we don’t have to worry about how much money we have, and are easily able to fulfill our heart desires. 

We approach this from both with material information and wealth consciousness (knowing that the universe is abundant and unlimited possibility is yours for the focusing).  

Get rich schemes and the lottery only work for a limited few; so how can you create and build material wealth?   Attainment requires having information and energy; dreaming about personal wealth will never get you there.  You can become financially independent with little or no debt and investments in place by being informed of your options, having a conscious intent and timing around your goals, and by applying dedication.  Join our SIS Talk Radio webinar on March 17, 2013 as Chief Money Manager, Dennis Hinton of Resource Asset Management shares invaluable information on getting to the place of financial stability that you desire.

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