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Could Diet Be A Cause of Mental Fatigue?

Could Diet Be A Cause of Mental Fatigue?

November is Suicide Awareness and Prevention Month. Since 1-5 Americans are deal with personal mental health issues, it’s important that we learn tools and techniques that ensure that one doesn’t experience the mental fatigue that leads to the end of the line of the depression continuum – suicide. Diet is a key factor.

Have you ever thought about eating for mental clarity? Most people comprehend the direct correlation between what you eat and how you feel; yet they haven’t even thought about the powerful impact that diet has on mental enhancement or deterioration. Nutritional deficiencies contribute greatly to our sense of imbalance and lack of peace of mind… And what is peace of mind but full connection to Source Energy!

Studies indicate that the greatest benefit is achieved when participants drank more water (the brain is over 70% water) and ate more fruits and vegetables. On the flip side, the greatest amount of distress occurs with over consumption of sugar, coffee and alcohol. Good nutrition oxidizes brain cells, allowing greater ability for the brain to receive impulses from Source Energy and transmit messages throughout the body. Poor nutrition slows down or diminishes the electrical messages transmitted by the brain.

It’s that simple, basic dietary changes can help to alleviate mental distress. Some foods create an almost immediate boost to mood, especially those that contain serotonin. For example, a lack of serotonin can make you unable to sleep, unfocused, anxious, irritable, impulsive, and crave carbohydrates. The craving is because unprocessed and nourishing carbohydrates (from vegetables, fruits, beans, whole grains, nuts, seeds, herbs and spices) are deficient in the body. Refined carbohydrates and sugars will have temporary impact, then cause one to crash and ultimately feel depressed. Scientists have found that lower serotonin function and impulsive/aggressive traits are associated with suicidal attempts and completions. Foods reich in serotonin include: flaxseed and flaxseed oil, wild fish and sea food, buckwheat, whey protein, bananas, free-range beef and turkey, and dark chocolate.

In addition, Vitamin B6 is necessary to convert the amino acid tryptophan into serotonin. So, B6 is also essential to optimum equilibrium. Some high sources include: sunflower seeds, pistachio nuts, fish (tuna), turkey & chicken, avocados, bananas and spinach.

You can take control of your physical and mental state of mind and happiness by eating your way to health. Bon Appétit!

Darlene Nazaire

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