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Ecstatic Birth – A Paradigm Shift

Ecstatic Birth – A Paradigm Shift

“Ecstatic Birth is a call to put childbirth back on its sacred pedestal and women back into an empowered relationship with their bodies and their experience of birth.” Sheila Karama Hay

We at SIS couldn’t have stated that any better to remind us of the beauty and power in the moment of conception. We’ve heard the horror stories about excruciatingly painful and laborious births. Now let’s learn about the flip side where there is pleasure in birthing – potentially spontaneously orgasmic birth! Doesn’t that make sense considering a female’s anatomy!

Sheila Kamara Hay is a writer, Ecstatic Birth advocate and super-mama to three young children. Her childbirth journeys left her exclaiming, ” Why didn’t’ I know it can be this good? People need to know!” Experience child birth likes it’s golden! Join the show learn about the mind shifting message on enjoying childbirth that Sheila enthusiastically shares.

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