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Editorial – Stand in Your Power

Editorial – Stand in Your Power

Nov 13, 2019

The SIS Calendar’s theme for April, and transition from March, is wonderfully aligned with the global chaos showing up due to the Corona virus in this period before explosive change:

“I stand in the power surge activated within, and I am empowered.”

As we aligned with last month’s theme to go within to see our current highest reflection of Self, we reactivated the knowing that balance can be unshakeable despite circumstance.
We can stand in the familiar power surge of high vibrational energy and be open to new and higher vibrational realities, knowing that nothing can be subtracted from All.
One thing this virus is showing us is that we are all in this together. It does not discriminate.
How we fare will be dependent upon willingness to transcend old paradigms. Affirmations are great reminders for transcendence. As situations arise we can use this month’s affirmation and add on as needed:
“I stand in the power surge activated within, and I am empowered.”
I am empowered to be balanced.
I am empowered to know the correct course of action to rise above a problematic situation.
I am empowered to reach out.
I am empowered to provide my unique contribution.
I am empowered.
Flowing through a year of restructuring and transformation!
In Love & Light, Your SIS

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