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Feng Shui … the ancient art of balancing energy

Feng Shui … the ancient art of balancing energy

Can the way you arrange your environment truly benefit your mental, physical and spiritual well being? What has been your experience? Blog about it!

Join SIS internet radio as we discuss tapping into this ancient energy force of Oneness that is so important to and beneficial for our earthly experience with Feng Shui expert, DeAnna Radaj owner of Bante Design and author of two books, “Designing the Life of Your Dreams from the Outside In” and “Feng Shui for Teens.”

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  1. I believe it can, after all everything is energy based. So arranging one’s environment so that optimal energy is flowing through, or holding an event such as a wedding on a day that constellationally has high energy makes perfect sense to me.

  2. jhinah /

    How can you tell if the energy in your house is stagnant? And are there inexpensive ways to improve it?
    Thank you.