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Formulating 2010

Formulating 2010

Our bodies and minds are vessels for channeling unlimited energy of pure potential. As we make our plans for this new year, it’s important that we tap into Source energy because what you do is less important than how you do it… Is it done in ego or Love?What are your plans for 2010? Join your sisters in sharing our visions of personal goals for 2010 from a place of love, joy, and much grace. On our January 9th Blog Talk Radio show (–our-sister-selves), we’ll explore how we can synergize, coach, and learn from each other, and discuss some techniques that help you tap into the realm of infinite possibility to help solidify our goals and get off to a healthy and wholesome new year.   Do you have any suggestions, tips for success, or need for assistance as you formulate your 2010 plan?  

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  1. Jewel /

    In 2010 I plan to do more with my sisters… I miss that and like the idea of sharing ideas and plans to get input. I think a lot of us have tried to be successful doing everything by ourselves (with different levels of success). We need to understand that we are not fragmented people with fragmented goals, rather we are joined by our shared interests at the physical level and are One as Spirit. United we can’t help but be successful in any endeavor that supports others.

  2. Peace and greetings Sisters and a Very Happy Prosperous 2010!

    PPOSPERITY is my theme and letting 2010 be my power year to transform myself and
    all of my business endeavors and to share with my Sisters as I navigate into other waters unknown to me.
    I challenge mysef to Think and Dream Bigger and to inspire others along to move forward. May my spiritual mothers guide me.

    As we uplift one another we can accomplish much. Assertive Action and Ambition.

  3. Jhinah /

    I plan to manifest the projects I have been working on, especially a community service project. The universe has expressed itself in a number of ways through me and I have to carve out the time to manifest it.

    Thank you.