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Genius is Common

Genius is Common
george bruceWhat happens when we start looking at the flip side of what that we are used to seeing?  Paradigm shifts are revealed. If we shifted our kaleidoscope of perspective 180 degrees right or left, we’d find alternative possibilities and alternative truths.  Possibilities are triggered that allow us to know that we are great!  We find expansion beyond the limiting truths that we have been taught to believe.  The “genius is common” movement is such a paradigm shift.  It says genius is inert, versus a right reserved for a select few.  Knowing genius is common is raw power, because it means that genius is inside of YOU.
Our guest, Bruce George, founder of ”Genius is Common” an anti-elitist Movement, states that the word “Genius applies to all people.  Since we all are geniuses; we all have a genius seed in us.”  We just need to nourish it.  Join the show as we discuss breathing life into your inner genius.
How to Participate:Date:  Wednesday, September 20, 2017 - 8:00 p.m. EasternOn the day and time of the webinar dial: 1-347-838-9886You can also join the show online: Click here. 
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