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Get Ready for The Love Doctor

Get Ready for The Love Doctor

You SAY you want to be or stay in a healthy and happy relationship? Well, are your actions speaking louder than your words? Join us as The Love Doctor, Terri Orbuch, discusses taking your relationship from good to great! Having relationship issues that you’d like to hear addressed? Blog it out, and see what Dr. Terri has to say. Have your own good to great relationship tips? Share with your sisters!

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  1. Jewel /

    I keep drawing married and otherwise unavailable men (read emotionally unavailable) to me. I know that I’m sending out the message that attracts them, so how do I change this message. I really am ready for a mutually loving relationship!

  2. Sweet D /

    Often we intuit things about a partner or potential partner, and then rationalize it away. Sometimes it turns out right and other times not … it’s so hard to tell if I get what I expect based on the baggage I’m carrying or I truly intuited a warning. How do you suggest one deals with those “mental alerts” real or perceived?

  3. Jhinah /

    Sorta like what Sweet D. said. I am a good person, very giving, however, most of the people that come into, or are in my life are not as giving as I am. I have few very closed friends and family that I feel appreciate the person I am, most do not, even close family. Should I be concerned about that, as long as I am being the best person I can be? Sometimes it’s difficult, when I’m putting out my best to others who do not offer me their best in return. Thank you.