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Getting Grounded and Tuning in to Higher Frequencies

Getting Grounded and Tuning in to Higher Frequencies

Tuning in and tapping into Spirit is something that all of us can do. Yet it’s very similar to developing our muscles … we all have them, yet some of us put concentrated effort and focus on making their muscles strong. Many of us who have not developed our psychic muscle turn to Physic Professionals for assistance. These professionals have been called to this work and are able to offer clarity, guidance, healing and support.

Our guest on the February 24th SIS Internet Radio Show, Christmas Miller, is such a helper, who understands her “purpose for being in this time-space reality is to play a role in he shifting of mankind’s consciousness on a micro and macro level as we enter into a new age of awareness.”

How have intuitives helped you, and how have you learned to strenghten your psychic muscles? Blog about it here? If you have questions for Christmas, you may also leave them here.

Love, Light and Clarity!

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