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Go Within or Go Without Through Yoga

Go Within or Go Without Through Yoga


MonicaMiracles happen wherever we are.  Yet we won’t recognize them, unless we take the time to go within. Miracles lie dormant in the background scenery of our life because we are not tuned into the present moment.  We are either running away from a painful past, or in fear of more pain in the future.  

When we go within, miracles move to the forefront.  What is a miracle?  It’s simply a shift in perception to align with Truth.  Going within to tap in to the energy of the present moment, is an invaluable investment in ourselves.  It’s not always easy or pretty; yet it is necessary for our personal evolution.  There is no more beneficial way to spend time.  Either we go within or go without true growth.  Fortunately for us, there are many paths to the present moment and alignment with Truth.  Yoga is a powerful one; and it’s not just an exercise, it’s a way of life.  What is a yoga pose?  Alignment to energy that allows us to tap into the fullness of ourselves.

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Join Monica of Southside Yoga Studio as she shares her personal inward yoga journey and her work to help others understand what is going on in and around them, through yoga.  To find out more about Monica, visit her site.

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