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Editorial – Gratitude Changes Everything

Editorial – Gratitude Changes Everything

Nov 11, 2017

Greetings Sistren & Brethren!

No matter how difficult life may be, there is always space for gratitude.   Gratitude lends grace.  It’s a magnet that powerfully attracts more of that which we are grateful for.  Gratitude tears down the walls of resistance and focus on lack, by shifting to an energy of appreciation and growth.  Gratitude changes everything.

Gratitude, like any other habit, is a learned behavior.  Let’s practice it more.  We can express gratitude to others by showing and expressing thanks openly and often.  If we can’t think of some huge thing to be grateful for, there are always numerous small things to add to our gratitude list.  Once that list is started, watch the energy of gratitude snowball.   Gratitude expressed acts like a boomerang; it will return to us.

Let’s not just be grateful to others.  Let’s be grateful for our unique self.  As stated by Don Miguel Ruiz: “When you look in the mirror and hate what you see, you need addictions to survive. If you don’t like the main character in your story, then everything and everyone in it becomes a nightmare.  But if you accept yourself 100%, then you trust yourself, whatever you want to manifest in the world will happen.”

This month, while there is so much energy focused on Thanksgiving, notice if you are focused more on gratitude or lack.  What you focus on must increase in your life;  so why not begin and end each day with gratitude?

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