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Editorial – Spring Alive!

Editorial – Spring Alive!

Dec 31, 2017

Happy Spring!

What’s blossoming inside of you?  If during the winter you’ve planted the vision of things wanted, you will start to see them blossoming now.  To boost us through the creative process, we can align our chakras so that we are working with full power.

As always remember to be here now.  That’s what makes every moment great, and moments make days, and days make weeks, and years and before you know it, you can see, feel and touch that higher version of you.  First we have to be open to the possibility.  Are you ready?  Look for the metaphoric open door(s)!  Let’s allow the cleansing and purification through the 7 Chakra Raw Juice Fast to take us to new levels.  New levels of insight and understanding, and new levels of joy.

This edition of Fluid Magazine focuses on renewal -  aligning the 7 chakras so that we can have our optimal life experience.

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