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Editorial – 2018 a Year of Unlimitedness

Editorial – 2018 a Year of Unlimitedness

Dec 31, 2017

Happy New Year!

What better way to ring in the New Year, than bringing forth your best self?  The new year (in addition to every new moment) provides an opportunity for a fresh start, leaving toxic habits, thoughts, and foods in the past to energize mind, body and spirit. And since 2018 will be a heightened year where the universe is aligned to support our unlimitedness, we want to ensure that we are fully on board to participate in our greatness!  2017 brought up a lot of old wounds for examination and healing, both personal and global.  A spotlight was shone on hate, inequality, and perceived lack of abundance.  As we close out the year, let’s take time to reflect on the expanded awareness that resulted and acknowledge our growth and achievements.

As always remember to be here now.  That’s what makes every moment great, and moments make days, and days make weeks, and years and before you know it, you can see, feel and touch that higher version of you.  First we have to be open to the possibility.  Are you ready?  Look for the metaphoric open door(s)!  Let’s take the use of energizing foods, practices, and teachings to the next level for self mastery.

This edition of Fluid Magazine focuses on self mastery, because self mastery is the key to experience unlimitedness.

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