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Health Care or Carelessness?

Health Care or Carelessness?
12986944_10206076256522314_2325232952400316494_nDid you know that over 450,000 people die a year from preventable medical errors?  True health care makes you better, not dependent, more unhealthy and certainly doesn’t kill you.  So why is the public taking more and more drugs without improvement, and often being harmed?  It’s increasingly evident that profit focused pharmaceutical companies have a lot to lose when competing with food & medicine that cures.  This is made clear to us when inexpensive and highly effective treatments are not made known to the general public.  Instead, practitioners often are lead to prescribe expensive products that ironically bear the name medicine.  Yet there are practitioners and advocates who work to spread the truth about this industry entrusted with our well being. Our guest, Alison Greene is such an advocate.  As a Consultant, she works tirelessly to help both individuals and businesses navigate through the complex web of the health care system.  She created the television show, IT’S YOUR LIFE, to get out the message and share solutions on our health care issues.  Where ever there is a problem, a solution can be found. Join the discussion.  On 22 March 2017 at 8 PM Eastern,  take back the power to heal thyself, while effectively working with the system. Log on to SIS Empowerment Radio.
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