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Reflecting Life Balance and Wellness Through Sisterhood

Reflecting Life Balance and Wellness Through Sisterhood

Spelman University recently hosted the 3rd Annual National Black Women’s Life Balance and Wellness Conference. Bringing together women in the spirited theme, “Sharing Intergenerational Wisdom”, was an excellent method to harvest the ever-expanding perspectives of Black femininity and how to keep it all in balance. Across the generations, women from all over the U.S. walked through the doors of Cosby Auditorium on September 14-15, 2013 to honor our contributions, kaleidoscopic beauty and approaches to healthy living.

Life. Balance. These are two words that should be incorporated into our daily life itineraries if the mission is to live in harmony and create an accommodating, peace-filled space. This sacred space, which is the body temple and its earthly surroundings intertwined, becomes a self-created paradise for our relentless nature, perseverance and commitments to wellness. We make positive strides with our dietary regimens, exercise and integrative sessions. We opt for the positive outlets which counter stress, achieving balance between the many details of our existence.

Initiating the weekend’s keynote speakers’ lineup is Family Life Educator and Author, Akilah Richards, who shared her ‘Nurturing the Breakthroughs: From Aha! to action in moving from our patterns that harm to those that heal’ Sunday morning’s soul food message was delivered by Angela Harrington Rice and we learned about “Balance… In the Real World” by Portia Jackson. In addition to these stellar women, conference patrons also received interactive workshops with presenters who engaged listeners with topics such as “The Generation Wealth of Spirit Development”, You- The Chooser: Single Parenting from your Highest Self”, and “As Within, So Without”, to examine the roles of women in relationships and how we can create prosperity and well-being, according to various traditions and proven methods. Noted authors, D.L. Carpenter and Shannette Slaughter, have teamed up to assist women in moving through the trenches toward our Higher, Successful Self.

Adding to the conference’s theme of “Sharing Intergenerational Wisdom” while complimenting the unique adornment attributes of the indigenous woman were handcraft artisans Sheryl Woods of Purp’l, a jewelry line, and L’Angela “honeysuckle Moon” Lee, Apothecary, Skin Wellness Educator, Organic Spa Developer and Product Developer of honeysuckle Moon Natural Skin Care. Personal Trainer, Iman Ellis of New Creation Fitness, was also on location to provide workout strategies and preliminary detox tips to inquisitive patrons.

Since the beginning, it is proven that women are natural achievers. When we wholistically empower one another, there is no peak we cannot conquer. Throughout our entire Diaspora journey, Black women have remained thoroughly equipped, beyond capable and ready to birth our omnipotent greatness. We are excellence, without boundary…

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