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Sisters: Differences Don’t Have to Make a Difference!

Sisters: Differences Don’t Have to Make a Difference!

Yes, it’s a fact, we don’t all look alike, pray alike, have the same background, or even have the same moral values. While eyes can see we are definitely not the same on a physical level, our hearts can feel that we all want love, peace, happiness and everything that comes with these harmonious attributes.

So, why don’t we erase the tape of separation that perpetuates judging ourselves as better than or less than; and record a new script celebrating our universal similarities and shared interests as women?

Is White or light truly right? Are Asians smarter, or Blacks and Latinas more sensually alluring? Who started these myths and why? Can we open our minds to see beyond perception?

Sisters In Spirit inspires women to trust our non-physical “mind–to-mind” connection, to get to the shared interests for a life filled with harmony and well being. With unity as our goal, we’ll find we have a fluid connection on so many levels.

We invite you to examine the barriers that keep us divided, and to share actionable ways we can heal and grow spiritually, Sisterly, together. Let’s address it, “How can we not allow the differences to keep us separated?”

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