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Holding a Space for Your Truth

Holding a Space for Your Truth

We can create our sacred space in meditation and during our spiritual practice.  We do so by being aware of what we see and hear inside our head, heart and body and by being sensitive to what we feel inside our skin.  Our inner awareness is our conscious sacred space.  Our goal is to be able to hold and nurture our space of love every moment of the day.

After you have connected with your sacred space, place your intention for yourself and your life in your heart and nurture it with love.  Each one of you is totally unique and special.  It is very important that you hold the space to create and live your destiny path.  Even if you do not know what it is, hold the space in your heart for yourself to shine, to be happy and to live a fulfilling life.

Reprint from Guru Rattana @ Yoga

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