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A Holistic Approach to Improving Your Libido

A Holistic Approach to Improving Your Libido

If asked if they would like to improve their sex life, most people would probably answer with an enthusiastic “yes.” In light of the large number of those who wouldn’t mind making better love, it’s not shocking that there are plenty of drugs out there that claim to help with common sexual issues, including erectile dysfunction in men and vaginal dryness in women. But before you turn to medications, give the holistic approach a try. Whether you experience a low sex drive or simply want to give your love life a boost, you may be surprised to find that these natural solutions are effective. And even better, they don’t require you to pop a pill every time you want to have sex.

Improve Your Diet

Certain foods, many famous for their reputation as aphrodisiacs, can boost your libido and offer other benefits to your sex drive, not to mention overall health. Some such as chocolate-covered strawberries and oysters are well-known, while others like watermelon are new to the aphrodisiac scene. Beets, ginger, garlic, and walnuts are among the foods that contain compounds that open up blood vessels, allowing for better circulation throughout the body, especially to erogenous zones. But the dark horse on this sex super-food list is, surprisingly, pumpkin seeds. Boasting the mineral zinc, which increases testosterone, a half cup of this fall treat gives a boost to both sexes’ libidos.

Get More Sleep

Eight hours of shut-eye each night is important to a number of bodily functions, but the amount of sleep you get can also impact your sex drive. If the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep each night is impossible to complete in one consecutive stretch, try fitting in a couple short naps throughout the day. Even a few extra minutes of rest can boost your energy—and your libido.

Take Your Herbal Supplements

In addition to adding certain foods to your diet, herbal supplements are a great way to improve your sex drive as well. Ginkgo biloba has been used for years to treat common bedroom issues such as erectile dysfunction and is relatively safe (unless you’re on a blood thinner, in which case another supplement may be the way to go). Vitamin B5 is essential for the production of sex hormones and choline helps enhance acetylcholine, the chemical that sends sexual urges from your brain to your reproductive system. Other supplements, like rhodiola and L-arginine, have also been shown to enhance libido.

Reconnect with a Massage

Because your significant other is just as much a part of the libido-boosting equation as you are, it’s important to stay connected with each other through various activities that don’t always involve penetration. A sensual massage can go a long way in rekindling passion and reconnecting with your partner. Adam & Eve suggests giving a versatile massage oil candle a try to achieve a calming and revitalizing experience with your partner. Touch is a vital part of keeping the feeling of intimacy strong and is a simple way to show affection, attraction, and attention.

Practice Meditation Together

Stress can negatively affect your love life, decreasing libido and causing sex to seem like just another chore you need to check off your to-do list. By taking the time to slow down with your partner, you can truly focus on what matters most. Meditation, or any kind of relaxing and mindful practice such as yoga or even a peaceful walk surrounded by nature, can help take your mind off daily challenges and obligations. As an added bonus, these meditative exercises require deep inhalation, which improves blood flow and, as a result, your libido.

Hit the Gym

Exercising regularly will improve your overall health and benefit your sex life as well. Working out releases a whole slew of feel-good, do-good hormones, including endorphins and testosterone. This increase in testosterone to your body will spike your libido, leading to improved sexual desire and the ability to better perform. According to, a recent study found that the more we work out, the more desirable we feel. This self-confidence builder increases the chances you’ll be more in the mood more often, upping your arousal every time you hit the gym.

Be Adventurous

Variety is the proverbial spice of life, and the saying couldn’t hold truer than when it comes to sex. When we get bored with an activity, we’re less likely to want to participate—even when it comes to time spent between the sheets with your partner. Though new positions can be exciting, you don’t have to twist yourself into a (painful) pretzel in order to add novelty to your love life. Try something you and your significant other wouldn’t normally do but that you both find intriguing. Fluid Magazine recommends getting to know yourself first—your passions, curiosities, what invigorates you—and then you can incorporate those discoveries into new adventures with your partner. Anything goes, from role-playing to dirty talk. After all, your end goal should be to bond and have fun while making sex seem less routine. 

To enhance your libido, give these natural approaches a try. A simple lifestyle change may be all you need to improve your sex life and make things steamier than ever in the bedroom.

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