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How Do You “Do You”?

How Do You “Do You”?

As women, often we make taking care of ourselves the last order of business. Many see pampering as a luxury. Yet in truth it is a form of self love leading to self balancing for the mind, body, and spirit. Different approaches work for different women. How do you “do you” or pamper yourself? and, who was the first person who taught you the sacred art of pampering?

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  1. Women let’s “DO US”.We have been doing everyone,thing and the World else except ourselves.As women we sometimes feel guilty when we do not nurture ourselves.
    Truth is, most of us have not been taught to pamper ourselves.NOW WE MUST!

    The first time I really DID ME was when I brought a first class ticket to AFRICA!
    I said Yes I CAN and DID!

  2. jhinah /

    I don’t have time for myself. It’s very hectic because I’m not organized and that makes it even harder to find time for myself. When I remember, I will think about some form of pampering, but usually don’t get to it. It’s like a luxury.

  3. Jewel /

    Pampering is a necessity! I don’t know how I would function if I never took me time because daily life can become overwhelming with all that we do for ourself and everybody! … I take walks in the parks, get mani-pedi’s, massages, smile at my day before I get out of bed, and lay in the sun. I even take mental health days from work. I think most people self pamper with food versus something that will nourish the soul … time for a shift!