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If that’s your dream, why aren’t you living it?

If that’s your dream, why aren’t you living it?

Did you have a dream for your life that got deferred due to everyday pressures and immediate priorities?   Just think about all the ways you put off success and happiness, because you “need” to wait until: you are educated enough, have enough money, have more time or are retired … (insert your excuse why NOW is not enough here).  Well, the truth is very few people decide why NOW is not the time to be unhappy or unsuccessful.  Decide on your dream.  State your dream, support your dream, and unleash your dream.   It’s YOUR life, YOUR Choice.

Reknowned speaker, author and personal coach Barbara Hofmesiter urges all to decide to live your dream, dust them off if necessary, and take specific steps towards making them happen.  Her best selling book, “To Be or Not to Be, The Choice is YOURS!” walks you through the steps of reclaiming and activating your dreams to live a fulfilling life,  a life with passion and on purpose. Find out more about the internet radio show on 30 June 2011 at 6:30 here

Let us know how you have embarked on living your dream, or if you have questions for SIS or Barbara here.

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