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Join Us as We Bring in New Beginnings

Join Us as We Bring in New Beginnings

Do you have a ritual for bringing in a new era, year or season? It’s about moving away old energy to allow space for the new. The universe loves a void, and will quickly fill it – with your intentions or your fears – so be clear and purposeful about what you want to feel and experience. It is your clarity of intent and excitement that will sweep in the new, first in vibrational energy (from your vision) and then in form (from holding your purpose). There is no better time to do this than the first new moon of the new year!

New moons are perfect for new starts, so join forces with Mother Nature and toast the old and tee off new beginnings that will soar beyond our wildest dreams.

If you are a wildly positive and wise woman, contact us to find out more about our celebration @

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