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Jump into New Year 2014 on all 4′s

Jump into New Year 2014 on all 4′s
We’ve affirmed to reach a greater level of greatness in an area of our life.  It’s a week into the new year 2014, and we may be back peddling already.  Why?   We didn’t jump in on all fours - without excuses, hesitation, cushions, and doubt.  Now, let’s re-examine our goal and get all into it.  Let’s jump with a different partner – Grace.  There’s no need to wait for a special alignment of things or people; that may never happen.  When we jump in and immerse ourselves, both obstacles and solutions will arise.  We tend to see obstacles as problems.  Yet without them, we would not see and  be able to release our personal obstacles to peace.  Then when we give our best, the result can only be perfectly good enough!
Join the discussion to find out four key steps to actualization in the new year 2014 from Darlene’s upcoming book, Think & Be Well” as the SIS team discusses committing fully to living life by “Jumping in on All Fours” with childish abandon to align with the fluid flow of life.
Sheree Sophas is a SIS board member, motivational speaker and creator of Surreal Serenity wellness.  Find out more about Sheree at her website.
Debra Skyy is VP of SIS, a life consultant, motivational speaker and co-host of SIS Empowerment Radio.
Darlene Nazaire, SIS founder and President, is an author, mental clarity advocate, speaker and co-host of SIS Empowerment Radio.

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