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Jump Into Self

Jump Into Self

On our quest towards spiritual enlightenment we’ve read and learned a lot to facilitate “unlearning” and expansive experiences.  Still there seems to be something missing.   Could it be that we still have been focusing on evolution versus involution?  Evolution is changing the stuff around us; whereas involution is true awakening to Self.  Involution takes us to Wholeness.  Learning how do deal with both worlds brings harmony and balance.  We take all the information and inspiration that we have gathered to go deeper still on an inner quest.   This is a deep jump into Self (where no one else can boldly go) to discover our uniqueness,  turn on, tune in and drop out of the mundane and get to the level that we are truly looking for.

IG_SB-1Our guest Sevan Bomar,  is wholly committed to the universal transformation of Humanity and spiritual activation for all organic Beings. Sevan has spent the last 7 years  sharing sharing esoteric knowledge that he has amassed over lifetimes, in an unorthodox way.  His self published book The Code to the Matrix, and businesses Secret Energy, Spiritech, and the Innerversity are examples of the depth of knowing that he shares.  Sevan is a Keymaster to the truth who teaches us how to make our own keys to stop cycling through the matrix and become true sovereign beings through our own consciousness.


How to Participate:

Date:  Wednesday, October 11, 2017 - 8:00 p.m. Eastern

On the day and time of the webinar dial: 1-347-838-9886

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What’s at stake if we don’t figure this out?

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