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Let Your Food Be Your Medicine

Let Your Food Be Your Medicine
Hippocrate’s axiom “Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine your food” reflects divine order.  Mother Nature’s gift of foods will always be more effective than a synthetic drug, simply because the body recognizes the chemical makeup as a food and receives the message to activate the properties of that food.  Thinking of food as medicine also promotes eating to live with vitality, instead of living to eat for pleasure alone.  Every morsel that we put in our body either adds to or subtracts from a wholesome state of being.
Our guest, Kendra Jeffress Martin embodies this axiom with her Ladybug Medibles desserts that nourish the body and are designed to encourage the natural healing process.  Join the show as Kendra shares her passion for creating delectable nutrient rich food.
To find out more about these edible medibles view her website.
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